Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to plan a wedding?
Peak season at The Holly Farm is April to November. From November to March, smaller, off season weddings, corporate events and parties can be arranged.

Can we bring our own vendors?
You are welcome to bring in your own vendors, if desired. We also have a wonderful list of suggested vendors that you may choose to work from. While you are welcome to provide your own food during your stay (for the rehearsal dinner and/or brunch), we do require clients to use our in-house catering company for the food and service on the wedding day.

What is your reservation policy?
We offer complimentary date holds for any couple that is seriously interested in a specific date! This is a no-cost hold that will guarantee you first right of refusal on the date should another couple wish it book it. If a date you are interested in is already on hold, you are welcome to be in the second hold position. A $5,000 deposit is required to officially book a wedding date.

Is there a guest minimum?
There is no guest minimum for any of our packages. Our smallest wedding was 14 people.

Can we bring our own wine, beer and champagne?
Unlike most wedding facilities, you are welcome to bring your own wine, beer and champagne to The Holly Farm. Please remember that the savings on the bar costs  alone are huge. There are non corkage fees (the average elsewhere is $8.00 to $12.00 per bottle for corkage alone!).

What other fees are to be expected?
We do not charge any corkage, cake-cutting, candle-lighting, etc. service fees! Corkage and cake-cutting alone can run between $7,000-$12,000 for a wedding of 150 people elsewhere!

How late can our celebration go?
The Holly Farm does not have a ‘lights out’ time.